Introducing: ByDELUCA

June 24, 2021

Having spent the last three decades crafting and delivering exceptional residential projects, the DPG team recently took some time to reflect on our company history and explore what continues to set us apart from our competitors. We wanted to ensure that our brand identity continues to accurately reflect our work ethic and philosophy.

That’s why today, we’re proud to launch byDELUCA—an evolution of our name, brand identity and vision that reflects our passion for crafting beautiful urban spaces in exceptional locations.

We invite you to follow our social media channels to get to know our brand in more detail:

At byDELUCA we consider each of our developments a passion project, a venture in craftmanship and creativity with forward-thinking collaborators and partners. Specialising in crafting small to medium scale developments, we are dedicated to delivering meticulously designed spaces that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

We consider each of our projects a unique piece of our history—a venture in design innovation executed to the highest standard—resulting in a curated biography we are honoured to sign the byDELUCA name to.

We are proud to be byDELUCA, which is why our new brand identity contains the spirit of our original logo and name, but takes us forward into the next chapter. Over the next few months, you’ll be seeing plenty more of byDELUCA on our website, in our advertising, and on our social channels.